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"Always Believe & Follow Your Dreams"



As Val's parents we always knew that one day Val would make us very proud, as most parents feel and hope for their own children.


We never realised how proud Val would make us feel since that day in 1997 when Val's challenges began. From the day of Val's road traffic accident, we acknowledged the start of her journey.


Since that day Val started to turn her life around and she has been so positive in her attitude in facing everything that she has and is still facing.


We have stood by Val's side and witnessed her struggles, ups and downs, and her bravery to continue with her road of weight loss and reconstructive plastic surgery.


Our message to anyone who has a relative or loved one who faces the same or similar experiences to our daughter Val, is simply just love them and support them in their journey which will help to give them the strength they need to carry on.


We know Val won't stop and if you believe in something enough you won't stop either.


Teresa and David - Val's parents



I am Val’s neighbour Mae.


I have known Val for several years and have witnessed the huge changes that have taken place so far.


Life is a journey and there will be good times and bad times. It is how you deal with things that matters.


If you are reading this and are struggling with a problem such as your weight or your self image, then you should get inspiration from Val who has had to overcome major hurdles along the way but who’s determination and sheer single mindedness will see her through this part of her journey.


Val is living proof that if you have a dream and ambition, no matter how difficult it seems to achieve, it is always worth doing.


At the end of the day it is your life and being healthy, happy and confident is something that we all deserve.

If you want something badly enough, you can always find a way to have it. Dig deep and you will find the strength to make the changes that you want for yourself. I did.


Good Luck


Mae - Hertfordshire, UK



My name is Ellen, I met Val through my Plastic Surgeon. Val and I hit it off right away. We are soul mates.


Destined to have met each other in our journeys to be Healthy, Slimmer and to help others recover from obesity and Plastic Surgery. God has put us together to ride the wave of life. We can and will overcome anything or anyone that stands in our way. The serenity prayer fits : God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.


I thank God and I thank Val for our very sweet friendship.


Ellen - Florida, USA



We have known Val for a number of years. Val has been single minded and always positive about her health. Val has worked very hard to lose her weight, under gone a major 14 hour Surgery and still has to have further Surgeries to remove the excess skin following her large weight loss of 22 stone (308lb or 140kg). Val always holds onto her belief and focuses on the light at the end of her journey.


My husband and I will support Val in any way we can.


May and Derek - Welwyn Garden City, Herts, UK



Val is in my inner circle of friends and we have shared what true friends share, tears every time we see each other, our strengths, ideas, love, fears and laughs.


Ever since we met in New York USA back in the mid-eighties I have grown to learn that Val loves children and people of all walks of life, we became connected. We have learned together that everyone will go through something in their lives whether it is wanted or unwanted. It is how one goes through it and come out of it. Going through it and coming out victoriously is what Val and I have planned. You can do it too!


As we all share our friendships with Val we all may have familiar stories such as letters that we have written each other. I still have every single one of them. It is tremendous and precious, as I am trying to scan them all onto a disc as we grow because this is a treasured friendship that I must keep. The support that Valerie has received from her immediate family and friends means so much during times of need.


‘’The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes’’.

(Oscar Wilde)


Hug a friend today.


Meloney - Virginia, USA



I have known Val for the past twenty years. In the time I’ve known Val she always had that determination to lose weight. Most people would give up, but Val won’t back down. Sometimes I would go over to Val’s for lunch and end up rushing my lunch because Val needed to go to the gym every day working out.


Val is very determined to lose her weight and when the time came for Val to start having her Surgeries she would still go to the gym to lose more weight. I’ve watched Val’s Documentaries on the television and I am very pleased for Val that she is I believe almost there, and she won’t stop. Val’s favourite saying is ‘’ it is the short term evil to get to where I’m going’’ and ‘’Watch this space’’. Val has always got a positive attitude towards her journey and it makes a difference when you have a positive attitude. Val has never and will not give up her journey. So the message to all who want to lose weight and make a difference in there life is to never give up.


Keep up the good work Val I’m proud and honoured to be your friend.


Steven - Welwyn Garden City, Herts, UK



My name is Pauline and I’ve known Val for eleven years and as her ex-next door neighbour I have always known Val as a big hearted and very determined lady. Being a big women myself I understand what Val is going through. Val has had a lot of pain but thankfully she has a lot of fight and Val is nearing her journeys end.


I know Val will go on no matter what obstacles she is faced with, as she is always very focused and she never gives up. I wish her sincerely all the best on her next episode of reconstructive Plastic Surgery. I have learnt from Val to always hold onto your dreams and I’m sure Val will reflect the body image she dreams of. Now that Val’s horizon is getting nearer to her final goal I sincerely wish her happiness and good health. With Val’s knowledge of health and food nutrition she has helped me to eat a more healthy diet and live a healthier life-style and as a result I have improved my own health and reduced my weight by two stones (28lbs).


Thanks Val and good luck for your Surgery.


Pauline and Mick - Welwyn Garden City, Herts, UK



I knew nothing about Val’s past when we first met. I had never seen any documentaries or read any stories. To me, Val was just another lady in the swimming pool trying to lose weight. We got chatting about the gym and Val decided to get back in there to resume her training. I am fighting my own battle with weight loss right now too and I think Val saw me as a kindred spirit. Our paths joined and we began to train together 3 times a week.


I am not the sort of person that would ever consider having any sort of reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, and yet I can fully understand the reasons why Val has. What happened to Val was beyond her control and it left her with a body that didn’t rightly belong to her. It’s cruel that after the Herculean task of losing so much weight (without any sort of gastric surgery) she was left with all that unwanted skin.


We have only known each other a short time and yet we have a very close understanding. I like to feel that I am a calming influence in her life right now and I think that’s what close friends are for. We all have different roles to play - support and encouragement is what I try to supply. That and a kick in the butt when I think she’s not doing enough in the gym!


Keep going girl!


Debra - Hatfield, Herts, UK